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Pilonidal Sinus


What is Pilonidal Sinus?

A pilonidal sinus (PNS) is a small hole or tunnel in the skin. It may fill with fluid or pus, causing the formation of a cyst or abscess. It occurs in the cleft at the top of the buttocks. A pilonidal cyst usually contains hair, dirt, and debris. It can cause severe pain and can often become infected. If it becomes infected, it may ooze pus and blood and have a foul odor.

Pilonidal-sinus, Eravio Clinics, Dr. Neeraj R. Gechode

Pilonidal Sinus Symptoms

Many people are enduring the symptoms given below. Redness throughout the natal cleft or buttocks area.

  • High temperature that is above the range of 38 degrees Celsius

  • Impure pus arriving outward of the lump of hair in the buttocks region

  • Intense pain in the cleft area of the buttocks

  • Bleeding from the sinus present in the buttocks area

  • Bulges under the skin encompassing the natal cleft or buttocks region

Pilonidal Sinus Causes

Various reasons responsible for the Pilonidal Sinus. Remarkable points listed below for clear understanding.

  • Inborn physical deformities in the buttocks and anal region

  • Consistent stress on the buttocks and anus region for a more extended period

  • Unexpected extension of hairs in the Anus or buttocks area

  • Broken hair follicles penetrating the area develop an infection

  • Prolonged sitting habit for a job or driving purposes

  • Presence of excessive hair on entire body

Laser Pilonidal Sinus plasty

Contrary to conventional methods, laser treats pilonidal sinuses in depth, It is literally a non-invasive, completely painless and very therapeutic effect to laser that contributes noticeably to the spectacular healing of pilonidal cyst disease. Laser removes inflammable structures and sinuses. The removal of pilonidal sinus with this laser-surgical techniques takes approximately 30 minutes in most cases

When we use laser sinuses, collateral damage is minimal .The healing process is thus quicker, easier and mostly without any pain.

In the treatment of complete healing and restoration of pilonidal cyst there is no serious risk of recurrence. Recurrences are rare. Laser surgery is clearly better compared to other surgical procedures.

Eravio Clinics, Dr. Neeraj R. Gechode
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Pilonidal-sinus, Eravio Clinics, Dr. Neeraj R. Gechode
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Pilonidal sinus, Eravio Clinics, Dr. Neeraj R. Gechode
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