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How to prevent Hemorrhoids from coming back?

Sitting for really long intervals or standing for a long time can increase the risk of developing hemorrhoids again.

You have done everything that was in your scope and have tried every possible treatment, but the hemorrhoids keep coming back. What is the solution here? How to prevent hemorrhoids from coming back? This is a question that is asked by the majority of the population who have suffered from this condition. Now before we go into the hows, let’s dive into the whats and why’s of hemorrhoids.

What causes the recurrence of hemorrhoids?

  • Pregnancy or issues related to birth

  • A low-fiber diet

  • Sitting or standing for too long without making any movements

  • Not having enough physical activity

  • Constant issues of diarrhea or constipation

  • Consuming less water throughout the day

The next question that many people ask is whether the problem of hemorrhoids ever fully goes away. Now the answer depends on many factors but most importantly what all precautions did you take when it first occurred and whether you continued doing that. Therefore, to ensure that the hemorrhoids never come again, here are a few simple lifestyle changes that can solve the problem for you.

#1 Balance all your activities

To live a healthy and disease-free life, it is crucial to have a balance of everything that you do on a daily basis. And in this case, your everyday movements. Sitting for really long intervals or standing for a long time can increase the risk of developing hemorrhoids again for you. Thus, have a sense of balance in your activities. Make sure that you are incorporating all the activities including sitting, walking, standing, and lying down equally in your routine and you shall be fine.

#2 Always consult your doctor

In cases such as hemorrhoids, it is only wise to consult a doctor before you take any action. Your doctor has cured your hemorrhoids before, therefore, discussing anything related to it would help you big time as the doctor might suggest something that you have never thought of.

#3 Diet plays a pivotal role

Altering your diet towards a positive outlook is directly connected to the recurrence of hemorrhoids. The doctors usually recommend incorporating a high-fiber diet and sufficient water intake to avoid these painful and uncomfortable circumstances. When you start eating fibrous food, it becomes easy for you to pass the stools and the bowel movement becomes smooth.

#4 Do regular exercise

Including at least 30 to 40 minutes of any form of workout in your daily routine can reduce your chances of hemorrhoids from coming back. When you are exercising, be it any form, walking, running, aerobics, yoga, strength training, etc, it helps greatly in blood circulation, thus making your body feel healthy all the time and keeping all kinds of issues at bay.

Consider Laser Hemorrhoidoplasty

If the traditional methods to cure your hemorrhoids have failed so far, you can consider getting Laser Hemorrhoidoplasty only with the consultation from a doctor. The reason why doctors also suggest this procedure is because it has a high success rate and the chances of reoccurrence of hemorrhoids is extremely low. The procedure is minimally invasive and takes less than an hour to complete. The procedure is tagged as safest and there are no side effects associated with it.

In a nutshell, if you are suffering from recurrence of hemorrhoids, talk to your doctor and know all the options available to you.

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