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Bursting The Greatest Myths Of Vampire Facial And Getting The Reality Check – 1

Updated: 2 days ago

Your face, like the cover of a book, is always on display and influences how people tend to see you. Your face is in the spotlight in everything from selfies to posted photos to real-life encounters, and you want it to appear its best. A Vampire Facial can help you with that. It is one of the most popular skin rejuvenation procedures for people of all ages and skin types, and it will improve your appearance.

The Vampire Facial is certainly something you have heard about by now. Despite the non-invasive cosmetic treatment’s groundbreaking nature, misinformation has proliferated throughout the internet, leaving patients befuddled and physicians and practitioners dissatisfied.

The experts at Eravio have eyewitnessed how powerful, safe, and successful the Vampire Facial can be for people of all skin types, and we believe it is my responsibility to help dispel some of these myths. Some of these myths have been frequently asked by our patients and are worried about to the point of irrational dread. The good news is that once we take our patients towards the facts and truths regarding this treatment, their apprehension rapidly dissipates and is replaced by excitement for the incredible benefits it can produce.

We have brought this 2 article series because it was literally impossible to burst all the myths and provide the reality in the same article. Find the next article here.

Myth 1: “I have heard the Vampire Facial is incredibly painful!”

Regrettably, a well-known celebrity has helped to spread this notion. What many people do not realize is that she did not get the routine numbing cream that all reputable doctors use. A trained practitioner will use a medical-grade numbing lotion to assure that the treatment is absolutely painless in real life — not on a “reality show.” Our patients report no pain during or after the operation, and minor redness for the next 12 to 24 hours is the most common side effect. Our patients unanimously agree that it is one of the most pleasurable procedures they have ever had!

Myth 2: “I saw a photo of a bleeding face — it must be hazardous!”

Let us be clear: the Vampire Facial is not any invasive surgery. People who check photographs or videos of celebrities with blood on their faces after undergoing the procedure are likely to believe this misconception. The good news is that, like most things associated with celebrities, it is only a myth based on the provider’s failure to use the proper lab equipment. There will be no red blood cells (red color) in pure PRP if it is acquired and processed appropriately using an FDA-approved procedure and sterile centrifuge. Furthermore, you will not be through any type of surgery or anesthesia, but rather will be placed under a very small amount of pressure.

Myth 3: “I read somewhere that the Vampire Facial is by and large a form of surgery.”

This is a complete myth. In reality, injecting growth factors like those present in platelet-rich plasma (PRP) into your skin, tissue, or body has never resulted in a single reported problem. Why? PRP is a concentrated source of platelets, growth factors, and cytokines present naturally in your body that stimulates and controls healthy regenerative processes such as collagen and soft tissue remodeling, as well as improving general health and rejuvenation. PRP (painlessly obtained with a modest, regular blood draw at any doctor’s office) is typically given during the Vampire Facial and is responsible for the procedure’s outstanding outcomes.


Considering the increasing popularity and misconceptions regarding Vampire Facials, we at Eravio have decided to go into some detail to burst all the myths, unlike most of our articles. For the same, we will continue to burst some major myths in the next article. Stay tuned…

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