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Cosmetic Gynecology Blogs

We, as women, constantly want to seem youthful; yet, each portion of our bodies can not always be as flawless as we wish; this can lead to not only cosmetic issues but also to an uncomfortable, painful life. Aesthetic gynecology is an option for ladies who don’t want symptoms of aging in their private regions. Our doctors will try to help you in every way possible. So, gynecology with an artistic twist.

For a long time, plastic surgery has been most popular because it improves people’s self-esteem in physical appearance. Cosmetic gynecological operations have grown increasingly popular in recent years as a way for women to counteract the effects of motherhood and aging.

You’ve most likely come across this page while trying to figure out which cosmetic gynecologic surgery, if any, can help you achieve your vision for your body and what all you need to know about it. If that’s the case, continue reading!

Having surgery can be a frightening experience. There are a plethora of elements that can contribute to apprehension before surgery. Understanding the type of operation you’re having and how important it is to your general health and well-being, on the other hand, can make a huge difference in how you feel.

Before putting yourself under the knife, familiarise yourself with the following pre and post-surgery necessities.


Labiaplasty is used to rebuild a woman’s labia minora (inner lips of the vulva). While the patient is under general or local anesthesia, a labiaplasty can be performed. The recovery process is simple and quick. Even if painkillers are necessary, they are only used for a few days after the surgery.

In the week following surgery, the patient should wear loose clothing and may even be required to wear a tiny pad to absorb any minor bleeding. The patient is back to normal within a month (at the most).

Clitoral Hoodectomy

Clitoral Hoodectomy, also known as Clitoral Hood Reduction, is a surgical operation that includes changing the look of the clitoral prepuce to make it more appealing to the eye. As a result, excess clitoral prepuce tissue is cut away to compensate for the clitoral hood’s unequal thickness.

The clitoral hood will be less noticeable and more proportional to the remaining regions of the labia and vulva after surgery.

Urogynecological Surgeries

Many of these procedures aid in the treatment of common bladder disorders caused by genetic predisposition, birth trauma, or aging. These operations are frequently significantly more intrusive than many of the procedures our advanced urogynecology experts undertake, and they can take a long time to recover from.

The prerequisites for these treatments differ depending on the type of operation being performed and the patient’s medical history. Patients will be given an outline to prepare for surgery by doctors and surgeons. They’ll also give clients a post-operative recovery plan, as well as any potential difficulties that patients should be aware of going forward.


A woman may choose to have her hymen repaired for a variety of reasons, including to improve sexual satisfaction or to avoid cultural stigma.

In any case, the technique is straightforward. The margins of the hymen are cut, and the remaining tissue is sewn with a little opening left behind. The hymen takes about 6 weeks to fully heal and repair, though this can vary from patient to patient.

Vaginal Rejuvenation

If you’re thinking about having this operation done, keep in mind that you’re about to commit a highly delicate part of your anatomy to a physician. As a result, you must do your research well and only approach a reputable and trustworthy professional. Also, be sure you’re having the surgery for the correct reasons, not to please others or to meet cultural or relationship standards.

Know Us

Eravio is a reputed cosmetic gynecology clinic dedicated to providing surgical expertise while adhering to the strictest medical safety guidelines.

Our friendly and skilled surgeons have decades of combined experience in genital reconstruction and surgery for both men and women. Because of the nature of these procedures, we understand that you may feel nervous. Our team is here to set your mind at ease and to allay any anxieties you might have.

Surgical intervention is still the last step. The initial stage is to gather as much information as possible. Please contact us as soon as possible, and we would be pleased to assist you in any manner possible.

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