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What is PRP and How Does it Work for Hair Loss?

PRP is a new technique that makes use of your own blood platelets to reverse hair loss and instigate new hair.

Hair loss is that element of your life that takes away your confidence and your desire to mingle around and socialize. The kind of lifestyle we live is full of stress and struggles and directly affects our health through bad skin days, weight gain, and hair loss problems. You try out different medicines for hair growth, expensive oils, and superfoods, but then nothing works. What if someone told you that there is a method that works for hair loss and is affordable for your pockets? Well, we are not talking about hair transplant, but this particular therapy is known as Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP).

Known to very few, PRP is a new technique that makes use of your blood platelets to reverse hair loss and instigate new hair. This is a type of technique through which the cells help with the healing process for your entire body. This is undoubtedly a fresh technique but has now become a preferred option for many for hair growth so that they can look and feel great about themselves.

How hair growth and platelets are connected

The function of the platelets is to help the regeneration and growth of the cells. And the platelets are considered to be thicker or more concentrated in PROP as compared to regular blood, generally five times it. And the thickness of the platelets is associated with the growth and healing in your body. Now when someone is losing their hair, with PRP, the platelets are injected into the scalp and once they are in, they travel towards the bottom of the hair follicle, hence stimulating the dermal papilla cells that are specifically associated with the hair growth on your head.

PRP Procedure

You must know that even if you lose your hair, your hair follicles never die. Therefore, you need a treatment that would wake those hair follicles up. And PRP is the right method to reactivate those hair follicles so that they can do their job efficiently. When you choose the PRP procedure, the doctor collects your own PRP and then starts injecting them in the areas where you have suffered hair loss on the scalp. It takes around three to four sessions for the completion of the procedure and every session needs to be done a month to eight weeks apart. Once the sessions are complete, your doctor will call you up for regular maintenance sessions every four to six months depending on the area of your procedure, and offer the best results from it.

If you are considering undergoing PRP, you need to find an experienced provider for this therapy who not only has an upper hand in conducting the procedure but also he or she will be able to determine whether you are the right candidate for PRP. In a nutshell, PRP is the perfect solution for all your hair loss problems and consider doing it before it is too late to get the best results.

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